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The 3rd Act: A New Stage. A New Purpose.

The 3rd Act Life Planning Workshops and The 3rd Act Coaching provide retirement planning services, career transition and re-invention for baby boomers and beyond. We offer a supportive retirement planning opportunity for a rich, meaningful and personal inner-exploration to help you design your life after retirement, transition or re-invention, to age gracefully with meaning, purpose, fulfillment and fun.

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So, take control of this next exciting phase of your life! Join us for one of our life-changing workshops to explore and create your plan for retirement or your next stage. Or, dig deeper right NOW into your personalized exploration of what your mid-life can be with some one-on-one personalized coaching!

Not sure whether one of our workshops or just-in-time personal coaching is the best option to help you make the adjustment into your next stage or help you find meaning in your life? Then ponder these questions:

  • Is it time for more work/life balance?
  • Have you reached retirement age but you’re not ready to retire?
  • Is your retirement planning missing some advice on direction and lifestyle?
  • Are you afraid to retire because you fear you might be bored and aimless?

If you are a boomer or a member of the “mature” generation entering your fifth or sixth or seventh decade of life today, you have a fabulous opportunity to purposely create the next stage of your life, traditionally called “retirement”. You are entering a stage of life that is virtually uncharted, a time in which you are free from social expectations and reduced family obligations, with the freedom and the need to find new activities which provide meaning and purpose. Many of us have had a challenging, fast-paced, successful and often stressful second act. We have dedicated ourselves to raising a family, pursuing a career or both.

Now, we, the boomers and beyond, are the generations that are reinventing retirement. As we look ahead, planning for what used to be considered “retirement”, we want something different…not only a slower pace, but to also learn and be challenged, to pursue an interest or vocation we haven’t had time for, start a new business or to make a contribution to our community. Boomers and mature generations are living longer than ever before and in better health. We want to plan our transition and create a life we choose…The third act of our life story.

As you reflect about your own next stage, do you find yourself thinking:
  • I am not interested in “retirement”, but I want to work less and at a more relaxed pace.
  • I want to do something more meaningful in my retirement, and I still need to earn some income.
  • How can I make a difference in my community, or in the world?
  • What will I do with my time if I retire and am no longer working?
  • How can I find more free time now without waiting until I retire?
  • After I retire, without my work, will I be challenged and engaged?
  • Who am I outside of my career and my role as a parent?
  • How do I maintain healthy living and have a vital and energetic life as I age?
  • How can I create the right balance in my life?

The 3rd Act Transition and Retirement Planning Workshops or Private Coaching (in person or over the phone) can help you answer those questions, and help you find your way as you move into your next phase. Now is the time to explore what we at The 3rd Act can offer you. Transition and Retirement Planning Workshops to explore and create the life you want in your third act. Take action today. Life is short; let’s make the most of it!