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“Friendship Cocoon” by Bev Scott

I recently returned from several days away with women friends I have known for over 30 years but who live in other parts of the country. Returning from that short trip and plunging into my work again was more challenging than my experience had been [...]


“Do You Have Questions?” by Patricia Cavanaugh

Are you wondering…

When is the best time for you to take social security? Should you buy long-term care insurance? Do you need help figuring out your financial savings and investments? Do you need to keep working but want to change your focus? Are you [...]


“Books and Websites That Help” by Patricia Cavanaugh

Susan Moon has written a short, 176 pages, and deceptively simple book called “This is Getting Old” about the challenges and the gifts of aging from a Zen prospective.

At first, I found myself under-whelmed by her writing but I stayed with her and found [...]


“The Too Busy Syndrome” by Bev Scott

Too much doing; not enough being

When I returned from my vacation in July, I vowed to hold on to the calm relaxed enjoyment of a slower pace that vacation had provided. My partner and I took a road trip, mostly avoiding Interstate’s, exploring small [...]