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“Retirement What?” by Carolyn E. Rendu

I am happy to introduce you to Carolyn Rendu. I met her and her husband on my 70’s Road Trip to Oregon. We were all staying at the Sylvia Beach Hotel ( on the Oregon Coast and began talking around the dinner table after playing [...]


“Ripening at 70″ by Patricia Cavanaugh

How is it possible that I have turned 70! It’s been two months now and I still haven’t settled in to my new decade. If anything, I feel younger than I did when I was fifty! The adjective that popped into my head on [...]


“Why I Retired in Mexico and Why It Was a Good Decision for Me” by Patricia Scott


I often say to my Mexican friends that in my other life I was a Mexicana. Everything here for me feels familiar-like I’ve had lifetimes here. I wanted a slow-paced life with creative people around me in a place where there are blue [...]


“Federal Reserve Board Employees Create Their 3rd Act” by Ellie Klevins

When one of the participants in our 3rd Act workshop had to leave to take a call from the White House, we knew we were with a very special group of people!

Recently, we held a workshop for over 50 employees of the Federal [...]


“What Is Your Legacy?” by Bev Scott

I found myself in conversation with a friend discussing the second edition of a professional book released last year. I commented that updating the book had not been a part of my plan for my third act, but it was a professional legacy. That conversation [...]