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“To Sleep, Perchance to Dream. Aye, There’s the Rub!” by Patricia Cavanaugh

I was up most of the night again last night.  Sleeping has been a real challenge for me over the last year or so, and I find as I ask for help and ideas from doctors, friends and vitamin counter experts that many other woman [...]


“Living in a Small Town” by Patricia Cavanaugh

Those of you who have been following my 3rd Act relocation saga know that I have moved to a small town (population 7500!) in Northern California a little over an hour from Oakland and San Francisco.

What a change I am experiencing!  My new home [...]


“My 3rd Act: Changing Directions” by Ellie Klevins

The 3rd Act welcomes Ellie Klevins, writing our guest blog:

We looked for a house for 20 years.  Although we owned a fine home in a good neighborhood, it wasn’t the home of my dreams. So many, many Sundays we drove up and down the [...]


“Passing on the Lessons of Giving” by Bev Scott

“I want to give to animals so they can find homes and be happy.  And I want to give some money to kids so they can grow up strong and healthy.”  My ten-year-old grandson was answering my question.  I had asked where he wanted to [...]


“Are You Resilient?” by Patricia Cavanaugh

I have been thinking a lot about resiliency lately.  And you know how it goes … when you start focusing on something like a new car you want to buy or a particular paint color for your office it tends to show up in your [...]