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“A Memorable Trip With My Ten-Year Old Grandson” by Bev Scott

One of my top priorities in my third act is spending time with my grandsons. Since we share a two flat Victorian with my daughter and her family, we have the opportunity to share time on a daily basis. But, for several years, we have [...]


“Stepping into the Power of Feminine Leadership” by Karen Wilhelm Buckley

The 3rd Act welcomes Karen Wilhelm Buckley, writing our guest blog:

“You are a great type A facilitator – driven and focused on results. We achieved the impossible in this three day meeting.”

In the late 1980’s I loved this feedback. A highly resistant [...]


“Denial and the Big ‘D’” by Patricia Cavanaugh

Lately I have been just living my life moment to moment…not in the Zen sense or the “Be Here Now” kind of way that Ram Dass wrote about many years ago. For me, at this time of life, it seems a bit more like floating [...]


“Six Ways to Support Democracy Through Political Involvement” by Bev Scott

I have always been interested in the political process. I think it started one summer when I was in the fourth grade. My mother was ironing and getting my clothes ready for me to head off to camp for a couple of weeks. She was [...]


“Five Days at Sea Ranch and the Impact on My Brain” by Patricia Cavanaugh

Recently I spent five days at Sea Ranch with my writing group. We have been writing together on a regular basis for twenty years and decided recently to review and compile our work and to do it during at our yearly retreat. We reviewed our [...]