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“Six Ways to Support Democracy Through Political Involvement” by Bev Scott

I have always been interested in the political process. I think it started one summer when I was in the fourth grade. My mother was ironing and getting my clothes ready for me to head off to camp for a couple of weeks. She was [...]


“Five Days at Sea Ranch and the Impact on My Brain” by Patricia Cavanaugh

Recently I spent five days at Sea Ranch with my writing group. We have been writing together on a regular basis for twenty years and decided recently to review and compile our work and to do it during at our yearly retreat. We reviewed our [...]


“Conscious Grandmothering:Making the Most of Being a Grandmother” by Yeshi Neumann

We welcome guest blogger, Yeshi Neumann:

Shortly after my granddaughter Luna was born into my own hands, I decided to add another dimension to my life’s calling as a midwife. I began to work with grandmothers. I was inspired by a historic gathering of 13 [...]


“Shift and Shout: The First Scene of Our Third Act” by Dewey & Susan Watson

We welcome guest bloggers, Dewey and Susan Watson:

“We are among the first Boomers, born at the very beginning of that post-war explosion of fecundity. We have been on the cusp of cultural change all our lives, continually influenced by the last generation [...]


“How old are you? The Impact of Ageism” by Bev Scott

“I don’t tell anyone my age,” my new retired, vibrant and active friend responded. We were sharing the details of our lives. After I had revealed my age along with other personal details, I asked her how old she was. I flashed on the memory [...]