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“Esalen 2012″ by Bev Scott

A number of you have asked about our Esalen experience. So we thought we would give you a taste of the wonderful time we had at one of the most beautiful learning institutes in the world.

The excitement was building as we drove down the [...]


“Grandmothering Here and Now” by Patricia Cavanaugh

I have a new grandson who will be a year old in a few weeks. During the last year I have happily been to visit him almost monthly. I also have granddaughters, who because they live in France, I sadly I see them less frequently.



“Interview with Barbara Zoloth 6 months after retirement” by Bev Scott

Barbara, you are well over traditional retirement age, yet you are healthy and vital, why did you decide to retire at this time?

I can afford to retire now…I would have retired sooner if it had been financially feasible. I felt done with my [...]


“Seven Thoughts of Gratitude on Turning 70″ by Bev Scott

I just celebrated a major milestone birthday…70! Since my birthday comes at the end of the year, I have the added impetus to reflect on the past and prepare for the future with the beginning of a new year. I find myself very appreciative and [...]


“Fractured Hands” by Meredith Stout

We welcome guest blogger, Meredith Stout:

My body has fractures, she thought, as she looked at her hands cradling a mug of coffee balanced in her lap. She sighed as she gazed at the loose folds and creases etched into her weathered skin. They [...]