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“Interview with Barbara Zoloth 6 months after retirement” by Bev Scott

Barbara, you are well over traditional retirement age, yet you are healthy and vital, why did you decide to retire at this time?

I can afford to retire now…I would have retired sooner if it had been financially feasible. I felt done with my [...]


“Seven Thoughts of Gratitude on Turning 70″ by Bev Scott

I just celebrated a major milestone birthday…70! Since my birthday comes at the end of the year, I have the added impetus to reflect on the past and prepare for the future with the beginning of a new year. I find myself very appreciative and [...]


“Fractured Hands” by Meredith Stout

We welcome guest blogger, Meredith Stout:

My body has fractures, she thought, as she looked at her hands cradling a mug of coffee balanced in her lap. She sighed as she gazed at the loose folds and creases etched into her weathered skin. They [...]


“A New Year’s Resolution: Celebrating Esalen’s 50th Year” by Ruth Cox

We welcome guest blogger, Ruth Cox:

In 2012 as Esalen celebrates its 50th year, I’ve been reflecting on how this extraordinary home of the human potential movement has paralleled our own lives in direct and indirect ways. What a lovely synchronicity that The [...]


“A Women’s Best Friend” by Patricia Cavanaugh

My dog, Wyatt, just had his birthday. Since he has been my main companion for the last 8 years, I was thinking this morning how this little creature has given me such daily joy.

Wyatt is a small white fluffy dog, my first lap [...]