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“Before It’s Too Late” by Bev Scott

I have been reflecting recently about the issues that fall into the category of “before it’s too late”. I recently spent some time with a friend in hospice just being with her and present in her home as she fades from the ravages of [...]


“Five Tips on Organizing and Managing Your Estate” by David Gill

We welcome guest blogger, David Gill:

Like many others in my generation, I came to the end of a long, successful career (for me, it was in healthcare administration) and thought “Okay, now what?”  My financial advisor told me that I had prepared myself well [...]


“Picasso’s 3rd Act” by Patricia Cavanaugh

I went to see the Picasso exhibition at the De Young in San Francisco this week.  It was the culmination of a summer and fall exploration of the early 20th century movers and shakers of the world of art.  There was the Stein show at [...]


“Retiring: Act 3, Scene 2″ by Bev Scott

I am excited about an upcoming road trip to visit the rural homesteads of my grandparents in the late 19th Century.  I plan to visit museums, comb through resources in the local libraries and take detailed notes of the old surviving buildings and the surrounding [...]


“When to Retire? Now or Never” by Patricia Cavanaugh

I went to France to visit family during the month of August.  It was a wonderful time full of adventures with my granddaughters, late night chats with my daughter and fun household projects.  I feel very at home in France.  I speak a little French, [...]