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“Planning for ‘Retirement’ or Your 3rd Act: What Does It Mean?” by Bev Scott

The media has made sure we all know that baby boomers are turning 65 this year and much of the discussion is focused on the lack of readiness…financial readiness of this generation. Certainly the recent economic downturn devastated many retirement accounts and many boomers are [...]


“Latest information about Positive Psychology”by Patricia Cavanaugh

Recently Bev and I presented a mini 3rd Act workshop at the Aging in America Conference in San Francisco. Four Thousand people from all over the world came together to talk about the many facets of aging from health concerns to political activism to spiritual [...]


“Red Apple” by Patricia Cavanaugh

The apple is nature’s perfect design. It is pleasing to the eye. Whether green, red or yellow, you can count on the round delicious taste. It is nutritious and beautiful. It is circular and portable. It does not need to be refrigerated or cooked to [...]


“Generation Ageless” by Patricia Cavanaugh

I recently attended a roundtable discussion of Generation Ageless: Longevity and the Boomers at Stanford University moderated by Tom Brokaw. My colleagues and I, from the Northern California chapter of the Life Planning Network, wanted to hear what some of the top researchers and representatives [...]


“3 Holiday Challenges” by Patricia Cavanaugh

I just got off the phone with Southwest Airlines. I am planning a trip to southern California to visit my children for Thanksgiving and was delighted to see the senior rates still available. So the season begins full of delights but often fraught with challenges. [...]