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“Federal Reserve Board Employees Create Their 3rd Act” by Ellie Klevins

When one of the participants in our 3rd Act workshop had to leave to take a call from the White House, we knew we were with a very special group of people!

Recently, we held a workshop for over 50 employees of the Federal [...]


“Are You Winning The Longevity Revolution?” by Kerry Elkind

According to a respected health economist writing in the online edition of the British Medical Journal, 40% of girls born today are expected to live to 100.  In 1951, that figure was 13%.

Although there have been many revolutions over the past century, there have [...]


“Transition to Her Third Act Writing Career: An Interview with Jewelle Gomez” by Bev Scott

As Jewelle was preparing to retire as Director of Grants & Community Initiatives at Horizons Foundation to devote full time to her writing career,  we interviewed her to learn about her experience in preparation for this transition both practically and emotionally.  We share her perspectives [...]


“How old are you? The Impact of Ageism” by Bev Scott

“I don’t tell anyone my age,” my new retired, vibrant and active friend responded.  We were sharing the details of our lives.  After I had revealed my age along with other personal details, I asked her how old she was.  I flashed on the memory [...]


“Beginnings and Endings Coupled with a Paradox or Two” by Patricia Cavanaugh

As spring approaches, I notice my heart feels some excitement about the newness in my life.  New shoots of possibilities in both my personal and professional worlds are peaking up between the cement cracks of what was supposed to be my planned and settled future. [...]