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“How old are you? The Impact of Ageism” by Bev Scott

“I don’t tell anyone my age,” my new retired, vibrant and active friend responded. We were sharing the details of our lives. After I had revealed my age along with other personal details, I asked her how old she was. I flashed on the memory [...]


“Seven Thoughts of Gratitude on Turning 70″ by Bev Scott

I just celebrated a major milestone birthday…70! Since my birthday comes at the end of the year, I have the added impetus to reflect on the past and prepare for the future with the beginning of a new year. I find myself very appreciative and [...]


“Aging Well” by Patricia Cavanaugh

I have been curled up reading a review of classic Harvard longevity study called “Aging Well” by George E. Vaillant. You may remember in an earlier blog I briefly discussed Erik Erikson’s developmental stages for adults. I coined the term “Generatarian” based on Erikson’s later [...]


“Fifty Plus; Minus Kids” by Sara Zeff Geber, Ph.D.

We welcome our guest blogger , Sara Zeff Geber, Ph.D.:

Did you know that almost ONE out of FIVE baby boomers have no children? I don’t mean no children living at home; I mean no offspring of any age. That number is nearly twice [...]


“Latest information about Positive Psychology”by Patricia Cavanaugh

Recently Bev and I presented a mini 3rd Act workshop at the Aging in America Conference in San Francisco. Four Thousand people from all over the world came together to talk about the many facets of aging from health concerns to political activism to spiritual [...]