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“Everything Old is New Again” by Ellie Klevins

Do you ever hear your mom’s voice in your head with words that are so familiar they are now part of you? I do. “Everything old is new again” was one of her frequent comments, especially when I was showing her something “new”.

When [...]


“Are You Winning The Longevity Revolution?” by Kerry Elkind

According to a respected health economist writing in the online edition of the British Medical Journal, 40% of girls born today are expected to live to 100. In 1951, that figure was 13%.

Although there have been many revolutions over the past century, there have [...]


“Change is a Good Thing” by Patricia Cavanaugh

The holidays are over and it’s time to focus on the year to come. But before we look forward with anticipation for what’s in store for the 3rd Act’s future, I want to begin with an appreciation for Bev Scott and for our more than [...]


“Beginnings and Endings Coupled with a Paradox or Two” by Patricia Cavanaugh

As spring approaches, I notice my heart feels some excitement about the newness in my life. New shoots of possibilities in both my personal and professional worlds are peaking up between the cement cracks of what was supposed to be my planned and settled future. [...]


“Now I Am Headed in the Right Direction” by Kathy Dunning

When I contacted Bev, I was at a loss. What comes next in life for me? Where was I going with my life? Living day to day and doing whatever I wanted, proved to be not terribly workable in practice. There were too many ‘now-what-do-I-do’ [...]