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“What Is Your Legacy?” by Bev Scott

I found myself in conversation with a friend discussing the second edition of a professional book released last year. I commented that updating the book had not been a part of my plan for my third act, but it was a professional legacy. That conversation [...]


“Denial and the Big ‘D’” by Patricia Cavanaugh

Lately I have been just living my life moment to moment…not in the Zen sense or the “Be Here Now” kind of way that Ram Dass wrote about many years ago. For me, at this time of life, it seems a bit more like floating [...]


“How old are you? The Impact of Ageism” by Bev Scott

“I don’t tell anyone my age,” my new retired, vibrant and active friend responded. We were sharing the details of our lives. After I had revealed my age along with other personal details, I asked her how old she was. I flashed on the memory [...]


“Beginnings and Endings Coupled with a Paradox or Two” by Patricia Cavanaugh

As spring approaches, I notice my heart feels some excitement about the newness in my life. New shoots of possibilities in both my personal and professional worlds are peaking up between the cement cracks of what was supposed to be my planned and settled future. [...]


“Seven Thoughts of Gratitude on Turning 70″ by Bev Scott

I just celebrated a major milestone birthday…70! Since my birthday comes at the end of the year, I have the added impetus to reflect on the past and prepare for the future with the beginning of a new year. I find myself very appreciative and [...]