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“My 3rd Act: Changing Directions” by Ellie Klevins

The 3rd Act welcomes Ellie Klevins, writing our guest blog:

We looked for a house for 20 years. Although we owned a fine home in a good neighborhood, it wasn’t the home of my dreams. So many, many Sundays we drove up and down the [...]


“Fifty Plus; Minus Kids” by Sara Zeff Geber, Ph.D.

We welcome our guest blogger , Sara Zeff Geber, Ph.D.:

Did you know that almost ONE out of FIVE baby boomers have no children? I don’t mean no children living at home; I mean no offspring of any age. That number is nearly twice [...]


“Couples Facing Retirement” by Patricia Cavanaugh

I recently visited a lovely southern California mobile home park. It was designed for those over 55 and I saw many couples leading active lives as I walked through the park. I wondered if their decision to move there was difficult.

I remember my [...]