Testimonials from happy clients

“The best outcome [from this women’s retirement planning workshop] was being crystal clear about my passion and my purpose. Being congruent and serving my purpose gives me great joy! Retirement is totally redefined for me. I will continue to do my 3rd act with as much passion as my 2nd act.”
– Kris Schaeffer


“What I learned from [Bev and Patricia] and from the women who were there helped me realize this is not an ending but a new beginning….this [women’s retirement planning] workshop is a safe environment and great place to share your fears and learn about next steps. It is not enough to just plan for your [retirement] future financially. We can make finances work, but the emotional and mental activities need to be addressed too.”
– Linda Ford


“The opportunity to take a time out from a very busy life…to reflect… and be in a community of women who were supportive of one another in that reflective process. I came away [from this women’s retirement planning workshop] with increased clarity about how important my work is to me and that I want to continue to do the work that I love into my 3rd Act. I made a recommitment to my profession It is a wonderful gift to give oneself. I highly recommend it to others.”
– Pat Newman

“The workshop theme for me became “generativity”. The [women’s retirement planning] workshop helped me come to the realization that I wanted to write – something I hadn’t thought about it before – about all the work I have done over the years. Everyone owes this to themselves…an interesting retirement or entirely new career.”
– Sharon Mulgrew


“[Bev and Patricia] created a wonderful container for safety and intimacy. I appreciated how well you partnered together, bringing complementary backgrounds and skills. I loved all you did to create a beautiful, comfortable space for the day – the flowers, the candles, the music, and the food. Your clear intentions and generous spirits contributed to all of us in a very vital & caring way – thank you both for a memorable day!”
– Carol Henmi


“The incredible attention and mirroring by my partner made [this women’s retirement planning workshop] an extraordinary experience.”
– Marcia Rayene

“I came away [from this women’s retirement planning workshop] with a clearer sense of what motivates me, what is important to me and what elements are essential for a balanced life [as I enter into retirement]. With this information, I can weigh my options and select those activities that will give me fulfillment in my 3rd Act.”
– Dianne Draze


“We thought the [couples’ retirement planning] workshop was a very useful day, and we frequently refer back to the discussions we had there. We particularly enjoyed constructing a ‘sculpture’ representing our future plans. A photo of that sculpture hangs on our bedroom wall, where it’s a constant, optimistic reminder of what’s ahead.”
– Breck H. and Anne E.


I found the workshop to be a very safe place. It was inspiring, open, non-judgmental. The facilitators listened deeply, kept us on track in a very loving way so we could open up and develop our visions. We laughed, we cried, we were inspired.
— C.K.

I worked with Patricia for many years, and after just about every meet up, I came away with more calmness, other possibilities in viewpoint and behavior, and often some new found lightness.

My meeting schedule varied (sometimes weekly, sometimes monthly, sometimes quarterly) and I believe this is very significant: Patricia’s flexibility to meet in a way that I requested, that accommodated my schedule, honored my process and was a benefit to me, actually made the work we did together possible in real life, time.

Another significant part was Patricia’s deep listening. She is so skilled and compassionate and able to listen and hear my words, and yet her responses and questions reflect another, much deeper, ability to listen and hear underneath many layers (fear, resistance, not seeing or knowing, etc.) Some part she heard connected to another and then another and soon I was aware of it too, like pieces in a puzzle. Her compassion, kindness and belief that it is possible to get through and learn and grow created a truly safe place for me to look at what I most feared, work through childhood trauma and deal with current challenges.

Patricia has been instrumental in helping me fulfill my ongoing desire to live out loud, live a more authentic life. I thank her often in my mind and heart for her approach and guidance during this work.
— Miriam S.