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Your life is divided into thirds. We provide coaching and support
to help you make THIS third the best it can be!

Work with The 3rd Act to discover…

A Fresh Start

Get a fresh perspective on what adventures life can hold and the opportunities that await you.

A Clear Path

Define your goals, large and small, and then build a map to help you on your way to your best life.

A Thriving Future

Grow, flourish, and enjoy the richness of life. Take control of your time and live it to the fullest.

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Not Sure What To Do Next?

Money isn’t everything. We’ve heard it, we’ve lived it, and by this point we all know that it’s pretty much true. So why do 99% of our conversations on retirement revolve around IRAs, 401Ks, pensions and mutual funds?

Sure it pays to be smart, but the smartest and savviest among us can reach retirement and feel like they have 30+ directionless years looming ahead, free and open but totally daunting.

In fact, losing your former identity in retirement, stepping away from the career and image you’ve worked so hard to build, may be holding you back — long after you’ve paid your dues and are ready to move forward — from taking the plunge.

Finding a new “Why” in this next phase of life can be challenging. Finding the “How” can feel impossible.

Patricia Cavanaugh started The 3rd Act with a mission: to help you take control of your retirement and fill it up not by just being busy but with meaningful, enriching opportunities that can help you create some of the happiest years of your life.

Your Bountiful Life…

The 3rd Act was founded and is led by Patricia Cavanaugh — a seasoned psychotherapist and licensed coach who has helped hundreds of retirees find their path and purpose in this phase of life.

Starting with a free discovery call, Patricia will help you explore both what motivates you and your vision for the future so you can move into retirement with confidence instead of uncertainty.

Tackle tough realities like:

  • What really matters to me beyond the identity I’ve shaped throughout my career?
  • How can I rekindle the drive to learn new things or rediscover forgotten interests?
  • Can I find purpose and excitement while balancing rest and ease?

Let Patricia and The 3rd Act help you design a life that’s exciting, fulfilling and, most importantly, attuned to your unique needs, talents and passions. Let’s build a life you love!

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Worried you’ve lost the drive to learn new things or you’ve put your dreams on the back burner for too long?

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Find Direction — Your Way



Get the help you need with individualized retirement coaching. With one-to-one or group options, Patricia will lead you to:

  • Discover the power of your past experiences
  • Uncover new possibilities for your future
  • Build a legacy along with a rich and fulfilling life

Learn how your 3rd Act can be a time of continued growth and joy!

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Give your employees the gift of direction as they transition out of the workforce. Provide an opportunity for real answers to their tough questions:

  • Who will I be when I leave my career?
  • How can I personally thrive and gain a sense of fulfillment?
  • Can I find new friends and build community?

Empower your employees to plan beyond the financial with a dedicated expert.

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Shed your responsibilities, turn off the noise, and take the time to reflect on you surrounded by others who feel the same. Learn to:

  • Rediscover your priorities
  • Find who you are and the abundance that’s available in this next phase
  • Build a road map for your 3rd Act

Let your self-care take a front seat as you spend dedicated time with Patricia and a supportive community.

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The best outcome was being crystal clear about my passion and my purpose. Retirement is totally redefined for me.

Kris Schaeffer

I came away with a clearer sense of what motivates me, what is important to me and what elements are essential for a balanced life.

Dianne Draze

Patricia has been instrumental in helping me fulfill my ongoing desire to live out loud and live a more authentic life.

Miriam S.

3 Simple Steps to a Brighter Future

Step 1

Assess Your Life

Schedule a free 30-minute call with Patricia to talk about what makes you tick.

Dig in to what your passions are and the legacy you’d like to leave behind, and start gaining clarity on your micro and macro visions for the future. Then, get excited for the real work to begin!

Step 2

Discover The Possibilities

Retirement is not one size fits all. Once you uncover what your ideal lifestyle looks like, we will help you set goals and get ready for action.

The limits we place on ourselves can serve as blinders. Patricia will help you discover opportunities ahead you may have never considered.

Step 3

Plan Your Future

We’ll help you put your vision into action. This could include structuring a shortened work week, finding opportunities for service, realizing dreams of travel, and claiming your meaningful life.

Your time is your own. Find ways to grow and expand, or to slow down, while still staying true to who you are.

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Am I Ready for the 3rd Act?

Do you daydream about retirement and what it will be like for you? Or do your friends and family keep asking when you’re going to slow down and start enjoying life?

The retirement we’re often programmed to accept seems to signal old age, sacrificing what we’ve worked hard to build, and a pacing that doesn’t seem to fit who you truly are.

Take this free quiz from The 3rd Act to determine where you are on your journey to retirement and what you can do to build a life that’s big and full of possibility.

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Meet Patricia

Patricia Cavanaugh is the founder and lead retirement coach of The 3rd Act. Patricia holds a Masters in Counseling Psychology, is a licensed psychotherapist, and is highly sought after by both individuals and businesses for her expertise in retirement planning that looks beyond finances.

With over 30 years of experience, Patricia is committed to helping retirees live full and thriving lives no matter where they are on their journeys.