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Create an Awesome Life After Retirement

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It was an extraordinary experience…

Really opened me up to new possibilities, helped me start visioning where I might go next, and dreaming really big.

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There was a healing that occurred…

I got to this place of feeling centered in my own heart…and at peace, then I could move forward in…a much more authentic way.

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I felt like a lot of pressure was taken off…

What am I gonna do when I retire? What is my day-to-day life gonna be like?… The tools I picked up in The 3rd Act really shifted how I was going to do that. I felt much more relaxed.

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Expert Guidance for Your 3rd Act

Easy to follow strategies for a fulfilling reinvention

The 3rd Act Workbook

This workbook walks you step-by-step to planning for a happy, satisfying  life after retirement

Couple’s Workbook

This workbook helps couples plan your next stage of life and create a happy satisfying lifestyle together

Books and Resources

Books, workbooks and other resources will help you plan for your 3rd Act and live a fulfilling life of your dreams.

Kudos for The 3rd Act

What our clients say about us

I’ve worked with Patricia for many years, and after just about every meeting, I came away with more calmness, other possibilities in viewpoint and behavior, and often some new-found lightness.

Miriam S

The best outcome [from this women’s retirement planning workshop] was being crystal clear about my passion and my purpose. Being congruent and serving my purpose gives me great joy! Retirement is totally redefined for me. I will continue to do my 3rd act with as much passion as my 2nd act.

Kris S

The opportunity to take a time out from a very busy life…to reflect… and be in a community of women who were supportive of one another in that reflective process. I came away [from this women’s retirement planning workshop] with increased clarity about how important my work is to me and that I want to continue to do the work that I love into my 3rd Act. I made a recommitment to my profession It is a wonderful gift to give oneself. I highly recommend it to others.

Pat Newman

Our Clients Include

Esalen • The Federal Reserve Board • UC Berkeley
Acord & Fong Wealth Strategies • Turner Construction • Bishop’s Ranch

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Watch Patricia Cavanaugh and Ellie Klevins at UC Berkeley presenting ‘The 3rd Act: Moving from Late-Stage Career to Retirement’

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