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“Creativity and Legacy in The 3rd Act” by Patricia Cavanaugh

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Were you wondering why I didn’t publish a newsletter at the first of the year as I normally do? Well, my time was focused on a new baby granddaughter’s arrival and the publishing of my new book with two of my close friends. Both of these events involved a form of creativity and legacy and are significant parts of later life.

Creativitiy and Legacy - 1

My granddaughter is literally a physical legacy that will be here long after I have left this world. My writing is another way to keep creativity flowing and leave a legacy in concrete form. Both births have expanded my world.

I have been writing with the same group of women on a monthly basis for close to 25 years now and two years ago we decided to self-publish a sample of our writing and to describe our creative process. It has been a challenging and exciting birthing process. I am very proud of our accomplishment. We had a book launch at the end of March in San Francisco with rave responses. Here is our announcement and options for ordering the book.

We are excited to announce the publication of our new book:

Creativitiy and Legacy - 2

A Basket of Words
Twenty Years of Writing Together

 Our anthology of stories, memoirs, essays and poetry 

grew out of our deep friendship and 

shared creative writing process over many years.


3 options for ordering A Basket of Words (paperback and eBook versions):

Thank you for supporting our project by offering a review or online rating and sharing the book with others who may be interested!

Meredith Stout, Patricia Cavanaugh and Ruth Cox

Creativitiy and Legacy - 3

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