What is Retirement?

When Does the 3rd Act Begin? by Bev Scott

By July 13, 2009 No Comments

I have been in conversation recently with friends and acquaintances who are saying “I can’t begin my 3rd Act, I have to continue working.  So I am still in my 2nd.”  And I find myself disagreeing.  Maybe you can’t “retire” in the old sense of the term.  But, just because we need to continue to bring in money doesn’t mean we can’t begin to create a vibrant and rewarding 3rd Act.  I believe the 3rd Act is a stage in our lives when we live more intentionally, with a clearer purpose, with more balance and joy, and with exciting opportunities for learning and increased growth and self awareness.  I don’t think that  negates working and continuing to earn money.  How do you see it?  Are you in your 3rd Act and still working?

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