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The 3rd Act’s free, short video series will lead you through the fundamental steps to building your personal 3rd Act Plan. You will learn the #1 reason why most people have unfulfilled retirements. This mini course will guide you through pitfalls and challenges of life after retirement and help you learn easy and effective methods to overcome the obstacles to having your next years be your best years!

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Enhance Your Retirement Experience With The Online 4-day
Mini Retirement Planning Course!

Making a paradigm shift into your new life stage is challenging, especially when you haven’t planned for it. People often have a financial plan for their retirement but fail to do after retirement planning for their well-being and lifestyle. Without a plan, life just happens with no choice or direction. This might feel fun for a time but without a plan, life can feel random without a purpose or meaning. And without purpose and meaning we lose the opportunity to make the most of the time we have left to live. That’s why it is so important for good physical and mental well-being to have a plan. The best way to develop a unique plan that suits your vision of retirement is to hire a life coach for retirement planning.

If you have retired recently or are about to retire, it’s important to create a retirement plan of your own. Our retirement planning course leads you step by step into the future with a plan that checks all the boxes for a successful 3rd Act life.

Pre-retirement planning includes a life review to help you identify interests and goals you may have had to set aside. Now is your time to re-engage in personal goals and interests related to yourself, your family, friends, and community.

This 3rd Act mini-course will help you become aware of the things you are interested in now. They may be areas you have been aware of for a long time, or they may be something completely new you are presently drawn to. Sign up for the mini course on free retirement planning today and experience the difference in your perspective on your life in retirement.