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The 3rd Act is putting on a free webinar you’ll want to attend. Here’s why:

You want to make the rest of your life the BEST of your life and you’re ready to reinvent and renew yourself, but you might wonder what relevance you’ll have. “Will I be invisible?” “What value will I have?” “How will I fill up my time?”

It’s hard to embrace the next phase of life if unanswered questions leave you feeling stuck or overwhelmed. It’s hard to imagine who you might be. And it’s difficult to face this process of what has meaning and purpose for you now if you’re doing it alone.

I was at this exact point in my life when I had an epiphany. I was very unhappy at a job I had been in for close to 20 years, and I was already 65 years old. I wanted to quit but had no idea what I wanted to do and knew I couldn’t stop working completely. I felt stuck and I began to feel depressed and anxious.

Finally, fearing for my health and mental well-being, I left the job. I hired a career counselor to help me plan my way forward, and I began reading books and researching how I could combine my skills, talents, and passions in a new form of work for me. Within a year I had created The 3rd Act to help people who were facing the same kind of transition I had faced, using my expertise and experience to help pave their way.

I was shocked to discover that there was no one else doing what I wanted to do. While there were plenty of financial retirement planners, there were no lifestyle transition planners. Since then and over the past 13 years, I have helped hundreds of people move into their 3rd act with passion and purpose and a feeling of significant relevancy.

I can help you, too, and my free, one-hour webinar will tell you how. Also, I’ll introduce you to the FIVE pillars of creating a joy-filled life plan. They’re the foundation pieces you’ll need to set before you build your own plan.

In my free webinar you will meet like-minded people who want more from retirement than leisure pursuits. You will begin to get clear and energized about your future. And you will also save your precious time and hard-earned money because you’ll hear about my clear step-by-step process to help design your successful 3rd act plan.

Finally, this program is for those who want more from this stage of life than just relaxation. You still have things to do, you have areas of action you are passionate about, and you want to give back and have an impact. You know intuitively that you have more to give, and you want to do it on your terms. The cost of not doing this program is resigning yourself to the kind of life where one day just follows the next without a plan or purpose. And that is not the kind of retirement you want.

This is what Cynthia said about learning from The 3rd Act:

“I attended the 3rd Act retreat last October and it was a wonderful experience. Now that I am ready to take a deep dive into what my 3rd Act might look like, I was inspired and supported to make it a reality. Loved the facilitation, the other women, and the location. Win Win Win!”
– Cynthia Riggs

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