Recommended Websites:

Boomers Forever

Reaching more baby boomers than anyone else. They are the number one web portal specifically targeting that growing baby boomer generation. They also offer their business clientele affordable advertising that out performs their competition with total satisfaction and guaranteed delivery results.

The Elders

Independent eminent global leaders, brought together by Nelson Mandela, to offer their influence and experience for world peace.

Greg Butler Retirement Coaching –

Greg Butler utilizes the art of storytelling to discuss retirement issues, telling real stories gathered from his own experience, and his work as a Writer and Retirement Coach. He facilitates his clients in choosing and developing the mixture of work and retirement hobbies that\’s right for them. Greg lives in Cork, Ireland, just a few miles from Blarney Castle, and kissing the Blarney Stone has given him the gift of eloquence.

Live and Invest

Information about international health insurance and other retirement information worldwide.


Well-known author and speaker, Meg Wheatley, has released a DVD with “Eight Fearless Questions” that calls us to examine who we choose to be for this time. You can see a short preview on this website link.

MedToGo -

Great medical information. Extremely useful information for travelling and living overseas.


An online magazine of the arts by women over 60.

Stage Bridge Senior Theatre

The nation’s oldest senior theatre company based in Oakland, California.


An online community for baby boomer women — the place where they connect and support each other on issues unique to life after 50. We are members of the blog circle at Vibrant Nation.

Bev Scott Consulting

 Bev Scott is a consultant, coach and facilitator for leaders, teams and organizations, a published author, educator and speaker bringing practical wisdom, clarity, integrity and a sense of purpose to her work.


Patricia Cavanaugh, therapist, retirement coach and guide, guides and supports her clients through deep listening and innovative techniques that lead to more flexible and creative lives.

Ewins and

Ewins & Winby is an organizational consulting group that helps clients improve performance, and build their capacity to lead and execute change successfully.


Just for fun:

Salsa at 92! (You Tube link)

News Articles:

“With Jobs Scare, Age Becomes an Issue” (Wall Street Journal, May 19, 2009)

While all ages have felt the pain of job loss, this Wall Street Journal article suggests that fear of age discrimination suits and tenure policies may influence employers to keep older workers on the job. There are advantages to getting older.

“Ten Ways Baby Boomers Will Reinvent Retirement” (US News & World Report, February 16, 2010)

The baby boomer generation has redefined each stage of life as it passed through. The US News and World Report article reports how boomers will change retirement as the move into this phase of life.

“Will I Be Part of \’Gen U\’, the Generation Unretired?” (Psychology Today, November 19, 2009)

Lynn Taylor, a nationally recognized workplace expert writes that baby boomers have already redefined retirement. She calls “un-retirement”.

“The Geezers\’ Crusade” (New York Times, February 1, 2010)

Columnist David Brooks writes about the “Geezers’ Crusade” and concludes that “the elderly are our future.”

“When She\’s Ready To Retire, She\’ll Know” (New York Times, February 6, 2010)

Dianne Fuller Doherty, who advises entrepreneurs and works to create jobs, says that, “As long as I am doing something of value, why not continue?”



“Stay alive, stay active, and get as much practice as you can.” – Frank Sinatra