A New Stage, A New Purpose


Many of us have had fast-paced, successful (and often stressful) 2nd acts dedicated to raising a family, pursuing a career, or both. Now, as you approach retirement age, you’re free from social expectations and lessened family obligation, it’s time to write the script for your 3rd Act.

The 3rd Act provides personalized, supportive retirement and lifestyle planning to age gracefully, with purpose, fulfillment, and fun. We help you design your life after retirement or transition, and prepare you for your 3rd Act.

Ask yourself:

  • Is it time for more work/life balance?
  • Have you reached retirement age but you’re not ready to retire?
  • Is your retirement planning missing some advice on direction and lifestyle?
  • Are you afraid to retire because you fear you might be bored and aimless?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, now’s the time to take control of this exciting phase of your life! Join us for one of our life-changing workshops to explore and create a plan for retirement or your next stage. Or, dig deeper into your exploration of what your mid-life can be with personalized, one-on-one lifestyle coaching.

The 3rd Act Transition and Lifestyle & Retirement Planning Workshops or Private Coaching (in person or over the phone) can help you answer these questions, and find your way as you move into your next phase. Take action today. Life is short. Let’s make the most of it!

Try these different services to support you in creating your 3rd Act: