Retirement Planning for Corporate Employees

The 3rd Act
Retirement Lifestyle Planning for Employees Who Want Something More
A New Stage, A New Purpose

human resources retirement servicesWe know you struggle with long-term personnel who “retire in place” and others who won’t give you a retirement date making it difficult to do your succession planning. We also know you care about your loyal employees and want the best for them in their retirement years. Having a financial plan package is not enough to prepare for a successful retirement. Set your organization apart by offering a retirement life plan workshop.

Let The 3rd Act can help you manage successful transitions for your valued employees.

The 3rd Act Workshop supports your company by offering a unique retirement incentive
helping employees to:

  • Look ahead and create an inspiring life plan that helps them
  • Decide on a retirement date and
  • Stay engaged in work while they are still employed

We help your employees face tough questions with our unique step by step process:

  • Who will I be when I lose my career identity?
  • How can I make the best use of my time ahead?
  • How can I plan for the changes growing older will bring?
  • Where will I find true meaning and purpose for my life?
  • Can I find new friends and build community?

With an inspiring plan for “what’s next” it’s easier for employees to set a retirement date, plan for a smooth transition and move confidently into their new future.


During this workshop I realized I wasn’t alone – we talked openly about our hopes and fears. With a plan for my future, I feel confident and excited about my new beginning.” ~ Susan K.

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“5 Keys to Happiness in Retirement”

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