Scene 2: Living the Life Of Your Dreams

The 3rd Act
Scene 2: Living the Life Of Your Dreams

retirement planning director

We have reached out to a number of our 3rd Act Graduates to find out how we can support you going forward. These are some of the issues and questions they want to explore with their 3rd Act community:

  • How do I respond to these political times?
  • How do I balance caring for an aging parent with doing what calls to me now?
  • My spirituality is calling to me as never before but in a new way. I want to explore this in a safe place.
  • What is my legacy?
  • More Community Community Community!

Let’s gather together once again to share where we have been, what is new now and step into Scene 2.

We know that the power and magic created by the wonderful women of the 3rd Act Community is like no other…

Let’s work our magic together – for ourselves and for each other

How’s your 3rd Act Going? What’s working? What’s not working? What’s Missing?

Work through Roadblocks – Pitfalls – The unexpected

What’s possible now – let’s create even more possibilities for the future

Let’s reconnect and deepen our appreciation and knowledge for what truly matters most.

This Retreat is for Graduates of
Scene 1: Planning For Your Happy Retirement.
Click here for details.

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