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Results Key

Use the Key below to interpret your score from the Quiz above:

21 or more Points (30% or higher)

You are Ready to Plan your 3rd Act, and probably feeling optimistic about the transition to your next stage in life.  You know that planning can make a big difference in the outcomes and you are open to professional guidance with your next steps.  Sign up for a Free Discovery Call.  You might be right for The 3rd Act Implementation Series.

17-20 Points (24-29%)

You are Questioning what is next and still mulling over possible next steps.  You may be confused, drifting or feeling isolated.  It may have been a long time since you took stock of your life.  Sign up for a FREE Discovery Call explore your options.  The 3rd Act on-line Group Sessions might be just the ticket for you.

14-16 Points (20-23%)

14-16 Points:  You are Anticipating and perhaps looking forward to your next stage, but not quite ready to plan for your transition or for retirement.  Yet, research shows that if you plan for your “retirement” you will find yourself happy in what we call your 3rd Act.  Sign up for a Free Discovery Call to assess you’re your unique situation.  The 3rd Act Preparation Series could help with your concerns.

11-13 Points (15-19%)

You are probably still actively in your 2nd Act and Not Ready to plan for your 3rd Act.  Research shows planning for your “retirement” leads to a happier “retirement” than if you don’t plan.  You might still benefit from a Free Strategy Call to review your personal situation.

10 or less Points (14% or lower)

You are already in your 3rd Act and going strong.  Congratulations!  However, it wouldn’t hurt to have a professional look over your plan to see if there are missing pieces or if it needs to be updated.  Use a Free Strategy Call to review your personal situation.