Reward and Empower Your Workforce with Retirement Lifestyle Planning

By supporting your employees in their 3rd Act planning, they’ll be happier, more productive, and excited to choose a date for retirement and stick with it.

Bringing in Retirement Life Coach Patricia Cavanaugh helps you…


Show your appreciation and care for your employees with a unique, valuable experience.


Start conversations around retirement through the lens of opportunity and achievement.


Provide proven strategy, solid tools, and actionable steps to facilitate retirement transitions.

After working in the same office with familiar surroundings, colleagues, and tasks, transitioning to retirement can be challenging. However, with guidance from experts, retirement can become and exciting experience, bringing with it a feeling of renewal, relevance and a sense of purpose and meaning.

If you want your employees to have a smooth passage into their retirement life, offer them retirement lifestyle planning. Give them an opportunity to create a plan that sets the stage for a happy and successful life in retirement.

No need to take this on yourself when you can easily outsource it by getting in touch with an expert in providing retirement transition coaching.

When we experience a new stage in life, having a mentor or guide to help make sense of the changes can lift the level of stress and anxiety. When we feel more clarity and optimism about our future, we can improve our present day performance. A retirement life coach can assist your employees in planning a seamless shift into retirement.

It is an exceptional organization that realizes the need for pre-retirement planning for their older employees. Merely traditional corporate financial retirement planning is not enough today because most people have 20 to 30 more years of living after leaving regular work. Organizations that promote the well-being of their employees after their retirement are implementing the very best human resource practices. Get assistance from The 3rd ACT to offer guidance to your employees as they transition into this new phase of life.

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Guiding Your Employees To Their 3rd Act

The sensitive dance toward retirement can be a struggle for both employer and employee. You want to honor and respect your hardworking team while ensuring that your succession planning is on target and meeting business needs.

You’ve already covered the financial side of retirement for your people. Now enter The 3rd Act: life coaching built specifically for retirees to provide counsel, support, and guidance as they transition into their next phase of life. Led by Patricia Cavanaugh, a licensed psychotherapist and life coach with 30 years of clinical experience, The 3rd Act helps potential retirees imagine a life beyond the status quo and guides them toward peace and fulfillment in their retirement.

Go beyond traditional corporate retirement planning and give your employees an experience that will last a lifetime. Remove the fear and anxiety of leaving a career behind by hosting a unique and custom retirement lifestyle workshop.

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Corporate Engagements

Patricia offers speaking engagements and interactive workshops built for businesses looking to give holistic support to their employees approaching retirement.

Her custom working sessions are catered directly to your business’s needs and goals.


Give your personnel an introduction to The 3rd Act and it’s unique methodology.

Patricia will spark conversation around retirement lifestyle, and tackle questions like:

  • Self-awareness check: Am I ready for my 3rd Act?
  • What’s holding me back from making a change?
  • What do I really want to do with the rest of my life?
  • How can my strengths transfer to retirement?
  • What’s my plan for life after my career?

Custom Workshops

Give your employees an expansive look into the possibilities, excitement, and opportunity waiting for them in retirement. Workshops are custom-built based on your brand, your employees, and the needs of your business.

Dive in with Patricia for a one-day intensive training to:

  • Work through curriculum, workbooks, and activities that spark a vision for the future, honoring their unique needs.
  • Process hard concepts like loneliness, emptiness, disconnection, and the fear of dying.
  • Connect with peers and get mentorship from life-coach Patricia for support throughout the day and even afterward.
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What Others Are Saying About our Retirement Transition Coaching

“Instead of feeling only loss and worry, I see this as an opportunity to live my ideal life.”

I was lucky enough for my employer to engage Patricia to coach me both before and after my retirement.  There were moments when I was so thankful that she was there guiding me into this new stage of my life.  I felt supported throughout.  Not only did she ask thought provoking questions but she also helped me see the possibilities of this 3rd act and that I had control over its trajectory.  At the same time, she had me honor my career and accept leaving it behind me.   She helped me to see this transition as the first time in my life when I had a blank canvas and it’s up to me to decide how to fill it.  Equally important, I learned I can rewrite this plan anytime.  Instead of feeling only loss and worry, I see this as an opportunity to live my ideal life.  I feel much appreciation for Patricia’s help in launching me off on this new phase of my life.

Fran O’Sullivan
CFO Dome Construction

“Your workshops have been wonderful and well received.”

John Forbes

Federal Reserve Board
Employee Life and Absence Management

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Change Your Retirement Lifestyle Planning with The 3rd Act

By supporting your employees through the 3rd Act, they’ll be happier and more productive and will be excited to choose a date for retirement and stick with it.

Step 1

Talk with Patricia

Schedule a discovery call with Patricia to discuss your unique corporate culture and mission.

The 3rd Act works with large and small businesses. We’ll work together to schedule an event that meets the needs of your business, and help you successfully pitch the opportunity to your employees.

Step 2

Host The 3rd Act

Whether hosting an introductory speaking engagement or presenting your employees with an interactive all-day workshop, you’ll change forever your employees’ ideas about what retired life has to look like.

Bring your team the skills they need to move forward with the greatest confidence.

Step 3

Offer Additional Training

All work with The 3rd Act comes with the opportunity for one-to-one coaching for your employees.

Once your team has been educated on this unique methodology and set the groundwork for their future in a workshop, you can include on option for 1:1 coaching with Patricia as their guide for even greater success.

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Are Your Employees Ready for their 3rd Act?

Do your employees daydream about retirement and what it will be like for them? Do their friends and family keep asking when they’re going to slow down and start enjoying life? Do you want to help them get comfortable with their future so they can continue to be productive in the present?

Share The 3rd Act website with them so they can take our free quiz to determine where they are on the journey to retirement and what they can do to build a life that’s big and full of possibility.