Tailor-made Retirement Planning to Take Your 3rd Act to Center Stage

Retirement Coaching Services

Working with Patricia Cavanaugh gives you…

Tailor-Made Plans

Your 3rd Act doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s. Build a unique and thoughtful life, filled only with what makes you shine.

Seasoned Guidance

Access to counsel based on 30 years of clinical psychology, consulting for the corporate world, and navigating the 3rd Act herself.

Flexible Access

A variety of options for guidance that fits your needs and schedule, whether you need a kick-start or a more holistic plan for life.

Begin Your Retirement Journey The Right Way!

How Patricia Can Help You Create Your Retirement Plans

Custom-Curated Plans

Why copy other peoples’ retirement plans when you can tackle your unique retirement dilemma in a systematic way? Use tailor-made retirement planning courses to help you optimize your plans for a tension-free life after retirement.

Flexible Access

Select from three strategic retirement coaching plans that will easily fit your schedule and routine. Each plan aims to enhance your life after retirement in a systematic way.

Expert Guidance

What’s better than getting guidance directly from an expert who has been through this herself? Patricia has 30+ years of experience coaching people in successful lifestyle retirement. Her strategic approach will make your retirement a smooth-sailing journey.

Giving wings to your life dreams…

Retirement can be very scary if you are not prepared! The retirement journey is a rollercoaster ride of emotions filled with high hopes and many fears. You must be emotionally and mentally prepared to embark on this adventure. Without a lifestyle retirement plan, though, your life can feel random and unfulfilling. You want a life that’s chosen and intentionally planned, reflecting your core values, a 3rd Act you consciously create from your meaning and purpose at this stage of life. Make your life soar!

Wondering how we will help? We have a variety of options for you to select from, including individual coaching sessions, workbooks, and free resources. Step into this new stage of life with an experienced companion. Patricia is the seasoned, retirement life coach with the knowledge to help you create a unique retirement plan of your own.

I felt like a lot of pressure was taken off…

What am I gonna do when I retire? What is my day-to-day life gonna be like?… The tools I picked up in The 3rd Act really shifted how I was going to do that. I felt much more relaxed.

It was an extraordinary experience…

Really opened me up to new possibilities, helped me start visioning where I might go next, and dreaming really big.

There was a healing that occurred…

I got to this place of feeling centered in my own heart…and at peace, then I could move forward in…a much more authentic way.

Do you feel…

Stuck in a routine that no longer serves you?

Pressure to "use your time wisely"?

Adrift or directionless?

Finding the Key

Imagine buying your dream car, but the controls are totally foreign to you. It seems impossible to drive, and your old sedan is still around, so the dream car sits in your garage unused and wasted.

For many people, this is retirement.

You’ve worked hard to get to where you’re at, but leaving behind safety nets and entering an unknown future can leave you feeling anxious, empty and totally overwhelmed.

Pattern and complacency can be comforting, so you bumble your way through and accept a lackluster life.

But what if there was a guidebook? A straightforward way to find the keys, crank the ignition and take a joy ride every day?

Paving Your Way

Your next phase of life will be successful when you plan for it to be that way.

Retirement coaching provides opportunity for self exploration and reflection, and it gives you permission to make the choices that best serve you and your dream life.

Ditch the compromises that dictated your decisions when you were younger and align yourself with enjoyment and purpose that honors your top priorities.

Discover new talents and opportunities.

Take action on unfulfilled dreams.

Feel in control of your destiny.

Personal Life Coaching For Your 3rd Act

Whether you just need a little direction, you’re looking for an individualized comprehensive plan, or you have no idea where to start, there’s a package for you. Schedule a free discovery call with Patricia for help deciding what’s right for you.

Coaching Package 1: Exploration

The Exploration package makes it easy to dip your toes into retirement planning. You’ll get guidance and support through three one-on-one coaching sessions with Patricia.

With this package you’ll learn the 3rd Act fundamentals and get started on building a life you love in your 3rd Act.

This is for you if:

  • Retirement is a few years away, but you’re trying to start planning.
  • You feel alone as you contemplate retirement and want community.


Three Individual Coaching
Video Sessions

$900 value

Plus these Add-ons:

5 Keys to a Happy
Retirement Plan

$25 value

Health Checklist
$50 value

Life Review Activity
“The Scene is Changing”
$75 value

Valued at $1050

Get it for only $797

Coaching Package 2: Preparation

The Preparation package helps you start planning and get excited about your future. You’ll have five 1-on-1 session with Patricia to get the individualized guidance you need to prepare for a 3rd Act you’ll love.

With this package you will get 5 sessions of individualized time and attention as Patricia helps you shape a vision statement for the future, create actionable steps toward building your most successful life, and start putting it all into practice.

This is for you if:

  • You’re in the planning phase of retirement, but it’s getting close.
  • You want personalized help and an experience completely focused on you.


Five 1-to-1
Video-Call Sessions

$1,500 value

All the Add-ons from the Exploration Package

Plus these Add-ons:

20 Inspirational
3rd Act Quotes

$20 value

3rd Act Workbook
$150 value

UC Berkeley Video Lecture:
The Power of the 3rd Act

$25 value

Access to Private
Facebook Community

$500 value

Valued at $2,345

Get it for only $1,497

Coaching Package 3: Implementation

The Implementation package empowers you with a comprehensive approach. You’ll have ten 1-on-1 sessions with Patricia to develop a complete plan for the future and have someone to walk alongside you.

This package gives you lots of 1-on-1 time with Patricia. Together you will craft a clear plan, crystallize your new identity, and get laser focused on your priorities. Move forward with confidence and assurance of a guide who can help you succeed.

This is for you if:

  • Retirement is looming or already here and you don’t have a plan.
  • You want more personalized support to make sure you plan for a life you love.


Ten 1-to-1
Video-Call Sessions

$3,000 value

Plus all the Add-ons from
Exploration Package &
Preparation Package

Plus these Add-ons:

One Year Access to All
Video Courses

$1,000 value

One Additional
1-to-1 Virtual Session
6 months After
$300 value

When you PAY IN FULL you will receive one more bonus:
Lifetime Access to All
Video Courses


Valued at $5,145

Get it for only $2,197

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The best outcome was being crystal clear about my passion and my purpose. Retirement is totally redefined for me.

Kris Schaeffer

I came away with a clearer sense of what motivates me, what is important to me and what elements are essential for a balanced life.

Dianne Draze

Patricia has been instrumental in helping me fulfill my ongoing desire to live out loud and live a more authentic life.

Miriam S.

Am I Ready for the 3rd Act?

Do you daydream about retirement and what it will be like for you? Or do your friends and family keep asking when you’re going to slow down and start enjoying life?

The retirement we’re often programmed to accept seems to signal old age, sacrificing what we’ve worked hard to build, and a pacing that doesn’t seem to fit who you truly are.

Take this free quiz from The 3rd Act to determine where you are on your journey to retirement and what you can do to build a life that’s big and full of possibility.