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12 Signs of Readiness for your 3rd Act

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Are you are a boomer or a member of the silent generation wondering if you are ready for your 3rd Act or if you are still following the script for your 2nd act?  Are you avoiding retirement? Are you asking yourself some of these questions?

  1. How can I give back to my community, my world?
  2. What can I do to bring more excitement, stimulation and fun back into my life?
  3. How can I find more balance in my life?
  4. How could I start a new business?
  5. How can I slow down and still pursue my life’s work?
  6. I can’t or don’t want to retire but how can I work less?
  7. How do I stay healthy, vital and energetic as I get older?
  8. Given that my time is finite, what do I want to leave as a legacy?
  9. What is it I am being called to do at this time in my life?
  10. What should I do to fill my longing to be creative?
  11. How do I add meaning to my life?

If you are asking some of these questions, you are ready to design the life you want for your 3rd Act.  You are ready to identify what you want to take forward from your 2nd act; take charge of your fears of getting old; create a vision of the life you want and choose how you want to be engaged and fulfilled.

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