Planning for Retirement

“4 Questions to Set You on a New Path” by Patricia Cavanaugh

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You may think that you have no purpose, are lonely, feel isolated or at loose ends now that your children have flown the nest or you have left your job but actually a new life has just begun for you.  It can be quite challenging to find a new purpose for your 3rd act or resurrect one from you 2nd.  The following deep but simple exercise will help access an inner space that can give you guidance from the inside out.

If you just take a moment and write down the answers to these 4 questions you will be well on your way to a new and vital life.

  1. What brings you joy every day?
  2. Name 2 skills or talents you have?
  3. What goal or purpose did you set aside in your 20’s?
  4. What was fun for you in elementary school?

Now pick up the list of responses, read them over and ask yourself the question: “How can I combine the answers to these 4 questions in a new purpose for my life?”

Now put on your walking shoes and begin what is called a “moving meditation”.  As you walk, just let go of trying to figure out what’s next in your life and let your unconscious answer your question. You will notice as you walk that a flow of ideas will begin.  Continue to walk, let go and just observe the answers.  Have fun and then make notes about you new path.

We would love to hear about what comes to you!

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