Planning for Retirement

“5 Reasons To Plan Your Retirement” by Patricia Cavanaugh

By August 7, 2010 One Comment

1) Studies show that if you plan your retirement you will be happier and less stressed. It is clear that if you plan, even if your plans change, you have a direction and structure from which to make adjustments. And remember retirement planning is more than just financial planning. You need to include all aspects of your life in your design.
2) A plan for retirement by its very nature focuses and energizes you to follow through with your plan.
3) Retirement plans that include a clear outlook about finances gives a sense of ease because you know what resources you have available and what amount you might need to add to your nest egg.
4) Planning your retirement with your partner puts your relationship on a clear and co-created path that allows for both yours and your partner’s needs.
5) Leaving things up to chance is no way to treat the 3rd act of your life. Now is the time with your accumulated wisdom and experience to put in motion plans you may have had to set aside to raise a family or build a career.

So where do you find yourself with your own plan? Do you have your house in order? Are you getting ready to embark on a new adventure? Are you happy to sit and watch the world go by from you front porch relishing the time to just float or are you anxious about your next steps and to overwhelmed with fear. Now is the time to find a retirement advisor or coach or consider taking a 3rd Act workshop to get you plan in gear.

One Comment

  • Hello Patricia,

    I enjoyed reading your blog on retirement! Plan,plan,plan!
    I just celebrated my 69th birthday and am not retired probably never will be but I still need to plan.
    I do like thinking about iretirement! It seems that so many folks wish they could retire these days…tough times!
    Thanks for the encouragement,

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