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“Federal Reserve Board Employees Create Their 3rd Act” by Ellie Klevins

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Retirement Planning Workshop for Federal Reserve Board Employees

When one of the participants in our 3rd Act workshop had to leave to take a call from the White House, we knew we were with a very special group of people!

Recently, we held a workshop for over 50 employees of the Federal Reserve Board in Washington, DC, to help them plan their 3rd act. What a privilege it was to work with this esteemed group of economists, attorneys and financial professionals who adeptly forecast our entire economic future and write the rules to keep our economy on track. Complicated? Absolutely. And so is planning a personal future that includes leaving your job and the identity that has been yours for many years.

Like the economy, retirement holds a great many unknowns, and can instill fear even in strong, well educated and successful people. The human resources manager who was our workshop sponsor told us “no one wants to face this” and “when I ask people of retirement age when they plan to retire, they say, ‘I don’t know what I would do’.”

The advantage we bring to participants in The 3rd Act workshop is to inspire right action towards a future that is even more compelling than the present. We guide participants in creating a vision for the future with the knowledge that they can have a new lifestyle that is both rewarding and engaging.

Starting with a kernel of an idea, participants get ideas and inspiration from fellow participants, and work together to shape their plans. We encourage people to develop action plans and take next steps. We asked our participants at the end of the two-day workshop what they planned to do:

“I now feel confident enough about ‘what’s next’ for me that I will set a retirement date – which I’ve been avoiding.”

“Schedule a meeting with financial advisors to understand what my options are and how much money I need to support myself for the rest of my life.”

“Start volunteering and connect to my community now so I have a network established and something that will give my life meaning before I retire.”

“Reach out to people I know who are being paid to write and edit to see what it takes and if it may be a fit for me.”

We are not alone on this journey into retirement. Together we can imagine, create and give wings to our plans for a new future.

Learn how to bring The 3rd Act workshop to your organization. Contact us at 510-414-3524 for more information.

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