Workshop Participant Interview: Linda Ford

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Linda Ford’s Story: Finding Meaning in Retirement

How did you hear about The 3rd Act?  Why were you interested?

Henry Plata from Ameriprise Financial recommended it.  I am planning to retire this year.  Henry and I had discussed what I should do…I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do.  So he recommended that I come to the workshop, meet other women,  hear what they planned to do.  I needed information and he really likes you guys!

What did you value most about the workshop?

This is a new step in my life. I am going to be experiencing  something new.  The Information I got opened my eyes about what I could I do. I liked hearing what people said, their dreams and their thoughts about what they wanted to do.  They talked about things I hadn’t heard of before.  I think I am narrow that way.

The other thing I liked, being in the group and sharing with other women. I didn’t think I would like it. I am not a joiner. That was one of the things that was scaring me about retiring. I couldn’t imagine joining groups and clubs. But I liked being in the group a lot so maybe this is a new phase.

What were the outcomes for you in attending?  How do you intend to act on those?

I got information from what the women shared like about healthy eating, organic gardening,  or a  yoga place.  It was information that I need to better myself. I need to review the materials, do more research.  There are activities out there that I can find and join. What I learned from you and from the women who were there helped me realize this is not an ending but a new beginning. As women we are a mother, a wife, a career person…society defines us. Then we retire and then what? There were people at the workshop who were not married like me. It was reassuring to know that I don’t have to have a mate in my life when I retire.

Anything you would like to say to people who are considering the workshop.

Go with an open mind and with questions about yourself. They will get answered in the workshop and by the other women who attend. Sometimes I think we are hesitant and don’t want to share or to talk about ourselves and our feelings. But this workshop is a safe environment and great place to share your fears and learn about next steps. It is a good forum for that.

I enjoyed the workshop.  It is not enough to just plan for your future financially.  You need other considerations.  When we retire, many of us will be left with lot of time on your hands. I have spent many years in my career working 12 hours a day. I think that unless people are exposed to something new when they retire, many people can get sick and die. This is as crucial to plan for as the finances. We can make finances work, but the emotional and mental activities need to be addressed too.

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