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“6 Survival Strategies for a Great Holiday Season” by Dr. Carol Shwery, DC, CCN

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Hello Everyone, I know this is an extra email during the busy holidays but we thought you might enjoy this little gift to help you through.  These strategies where originally part of  Dr Carol Shwery’s Midlife Body Makeover E zine.

6 Survival Strategies for a Great Holiday Season!

Is it possible to really keep focused and be good to ourselves through the holidays and not have to “start over” with our physical and mental health in the beginning of the year? Here are some great strategies to help you get through that will support this time of year with ease, joy, calm and fun.

1. Find out where you are on the Hunger scale before sitting down to your meal and gobbling it up because you are over hungry or just really stressed.. 0 is no hunger ( I’m going to get sick if I’m anywhere near food)  all the way to 3 which is Really hungry. Anything above 3 is starving and I’ll be happy to eat the house now. Obviously stay away from 3.5. Coming to the table at 2.5 to 3 is good. Then as you eat, put down your fork between bites to be mindful of where you are on the hunger scale. The goal is to get to satisfaction, not satiation. Back to a one. And remember, you can always eat again when true hunger is back. And here’s the coolest news: There is a recent randomized controlled study that demonstrates that mindfulness intervention for stress eating reduces cortisol and bellyfat. Now I think that is really cool!

2. One of my favorite things to do anytime is meditation. Even though we want  the holiday season to be stress-free and relaxed it often is anything but that. Here is a link to a sweet YouTube video where you can learn how to do a minute of meditation anywhere, anytime. If your family is making you a little crazy, take a 1 minute bathroom break, close your eyes, breathe, and meditate. If you are losing your cool in line at a store and the salesperson is taking forever, close your eyes for a minute and meditate. No one will know the difference. You can do this anytime, anywhere. You will automatically lower your cortisol and raise your serotonin. Good things to do at this high stress high activity time.

3. PLAN at least 1 self-care activity a week that you can count on. Pencil it in to the schedule and stick to it. You’ll really be glad you did. 1 hour – that’s all! Yes, I know how hard it is to take time for ourselves. Massage and relaxing bodywork lower your cortisol and raises the happy brain neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine. Good things to have on board in high quantities right now. Your body will love you and everyone you’re around will be happier too.

4. Every hour or two get your body moving with 2 minutes of interval training. Run up and down the stairs as fast as you can (with no knee problems), treadmill, go outside for a very fast walk or run in place, hindu squat, jump rope, or do some other form of exercise that really gets your cardiovascular system pumping.  This lowers cortisol and your stress response will calm down and help burn that stress related belly fat.

5. Take a yoga break. It’s no secret that I love yoga and think it’s the body movement form that will support us aging gracefully, with suppleness and strength. It helps our mind, body and spirit. Downward Dog is a wonderful anti-anxiety pose. Depression can also occur during this time of year. Bridge pose (Setu Bhandha Sarvangasana) really helps with depression. These things can take such a short time, but have a powerful impact. They’re not only good for the brain, but build strength as well.

6. Pick up a copy of Loving What Is by Bryon Katie. It’s my favorite book to help us look at life from the perspective of acceptance, and she makes it simple and accessible to anyone. So whatever is happening in life, acceptance will allow us to relax into the process and make it more possible to really enjoy the holidays and feel the love. It really is all around us and within us.

For more information about Dr Shwery’s work and to register for her free webinar on 3 Powerful Secrets to Handle the Hot Flashes and Have a Cool Christmas go to


Dr Carol Shwery, DC, CCN Bio  Dr. Carol Shwery has been a dedicated integrative health care practitioner for over 30 years, as well as a frequent speaker and teacher in her community on a wide variety of health concerns and natural health solutions.

She is a Doctor of Chiropractic, has certifications as a Clinical Nutritionist, Firstline Therapy practitioner, Menopause-Type Doctor, and taken hundreds of hours of post graduate study in Functional Medicine.

Because of her own battle with a brain tumor during her midlife, she loves coaching women who are having midlife hormone and health chaos, helping them regain their health and thrive in the dance of their midlife. Her passion is to empower people to acheive optimal health so they experience the joy and freedom of a life without limits.


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