“Everything Old is New Again” by Ellie Klevins

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Past Continues to Shape the Present

Do you ever hear your mom’s voice in your head with words that are so familiar they are now part of you?  I do.  “Everything old is new again” was one of her frequent comments, especially when I was showing her something “new”.

When I was younger, I didn’t give these words much thought.   Now when I look at the “latest” styles in clothing, shoes, make up, jewelry, etc., even though it’s brand new it also looks familiar.  Didn’t I wear boots like that in the60’s?!

Recently, as I was shopping for my holiday dinner I was scanning the spice isle for ingredients for a new recipe I wanted to try and my eyes were quickly drawn to a familiar looking package.  Although I had not seen that package in many, many years, there was Bell’s All Natural Seasoning!  That was mom’s secret for the most delicious turkey and stuffing.  Finding this little box of seasoning – made since 1887 – is making me so happy.

During The 3rd Act workshops and coaching, we guide people to create new beginnings.  In one exercise, we ask our clients to name what they want to let go of and what they want to carry forward into their next stage of life.   This includes going back to a joyous or productive or vibrant time to find something that made them happy and that they want to recapture for their future.  It’s powerful and valuable to identify what no longer serves you, to reaffirm what you never want to lose or give up … and to reach back into the past to pull forward something good that’s been missing.

I want to keep what’s familiar and delicious, what worked for my grandmother and my mother, and still be open and ready for all the infinite and new possibilities that await me.

I wish you a joyful holiday full of everything and everyone that you love, old and new.

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