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What to do about Health Care in Your 3rd Act by Patricia Cavanaugh

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Finding Solutions: Revamping the Healthcare System

When I turned 65 I signed up for Medicare and also for private insurance to cover anything Medicare didn’t cover or so I thought.  I had talked to an insurance broker and picked what I thought was the best combination for me.  Then I received a bill that was not paid by either Medicare or Blue Shield.  It was for a preventive shot for shingles that my doctor recommends for all of us over 65.  After spending many hours last week calling Medicare, my doctors billing office and Blue Shield,  I felt like I was running around in circles. Each was pointing the finger at the other.   Our good health is one of the issues we cover in The 3rd Act/2nd Day workshop, “Building Momentum for the Next Stage”.  I have been trying to do my due diligence in this regard.   I rarely visit my doctor but the amount of paperwork I receive every month causes me to look at trees with sadness in my heart.  I have been for many years focused on prevention.  Exercise, healthy eating habits and a positive outlook on life have kept me very healthy (plus good genes from my parents).  Healthcare has been a topic of conversation across the country over the last few months.   I find myself leaning towards a simple public option or something like a face book option  created by Dr. Jay Parkinson in Brooklyn NY, which brings back a one to one relationship with the patient using 21st century technology.  Dr Parkinson completely by- passes the insurance companies using pay pal .  Three hundred people have joined his program in Brooklyn  (May 2009 Issue Fast Magazine). What do you think we should do about health care?  We have the numbers to make this change a good one.

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