Workshop Participant Interview: Pat Newman

By October 18, 2009 May 11th, 2023 No Comments

Why were you interested in the 3rd Act?

About 4 years ago, I was looking forward and seeing that my son would be graduating from high school in a few years. That would open new space in my life and I wanted to be wiser than the last time space had opened up in my life. I wanted to take a time out to assess and then think forward.

What was most valuable for you from the workshop?

The opportunity to take a time out from a very busy life…to reflect… and be in a community of women who were supportive of one another in that reflective process. It was inspiring to hear one another’s stories and to be influenced by one another. I was doing something good for myself.

What were the outcomes for you in attending?

It made be more conscious about planning my 3rd act versus having it happen to me. I came away with increased clarity about how important my work is to me and that I want to continue to do the work that I love into my 3rd Act. I made a recommitment to my profession.

I met with my financial advisor and outlined my thoughts and wishes and got his support and ideas for how best to move in the direction I want to move in. I opened up conversations with friends and colleagues in order to share information and learn from them.

Anything else you would like to say?

It is a wonderful gift to give oneself. I highly recommend it to others. It makes me think about how much time we spend in childhood, our teens and early 20’s preparing ourselves for life. It is just as important to give ourselves opportunities to prepare for the next phase of our lives.

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