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“How We Look As We Age” by Patricia Cavanaugh

By March 9, 2010 2 Comments

I don’t know about you, but when I look in the mirror in the morning I see a face looking back at me that doesn’t reflect the 66 years I arrived at earlier this month.  When I look at photos of my mother and the mothers of many of my friends, they looked much older than we do at the same age.  And I don’t mean as the result of plastic surgery.  You have heard this expression that 60 is the new 50.

I find myself looking at friends, whose faces are beginning to age, with great fondness.  I see the laugh lines and the wrinkles.  A new beauty is emerging as we age.  It is not the beauty of the fresh faced ingénue or the glowing maturity of a young father or mother, but a softening and deepening of the face, a reflection of the loveliness of the soul peeking out.  The change is a mysterious flicker that I have been noticing lately as I observe my friends…it is almost as if we are being given a choice of how we want to look as we age, a wizened old person or as a graceful and alluring wise being.

I recently went to a Chinese Face reading class ( and was amazed at the importance that the Chinese give to the lines in the forehead, the crows feet on the corners of the eyes and the lines on either side of the nose…all are considered a sign of a life that has demonstrated experience with happiness and a growth of wisdom as we work through life’s challenges.

Take a moment and look at those around you.  Do you see the new beauty that is emerging for both men and women as we age?


  • Bonnie says:

    Very uplifting thought on aging physically. And timely. Just now i was peering in to the mirror as i washed my hands and noting the changing landscape. Feeling a slight sadness as i noticed the lines, creases and texture… your words have offered me a lovely reframing. I think i may have to learn more!

  • Mary W says:

    I rarely read Blogs, but I deeply appreciate the two pieces you wrote on aging and the beauty we can bring to the process. Very wise and reassuring words. You have made my day. Thank you both.

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