Workshop Participant Interview: Leslie Kays

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Leslie’s experience after a year of The 3rd Act workshop

How did you hear about The 3rd Act? 

I heard about from Patricia.  We have known each other for a long time as colleagues.  I watched her go through her own personal  transition from her second act to her third act.  She told me about the idea she had about The 3rd Act and that she had found a partner with a similar idea.  She then encouraged me to go through the workshop.

Why did you decide to attend the workshop at this time in your life

It was the right thing for me and the right timing.  I was  at a transition time in my life.  I was not satisfied with my life and I needed some support and guidance.  I am an “empty nester” and my role as mother was winding down.  I was at loose ends… life had lost meaning and purpose for me.  At same time,  I was dissatisfied with level of work I was doing.  That had been a long term  issue but it became stronger and more pressing when my last child left the nest.

What did you value most about the workshop?

The most valuable for me was the support of getting together with others going who were also going through the same thing.  To learn that I was a part of this generation was normalizing.  I didn’t feel so isolated.  In addition, I got specific ideas about how to move through the malaise I was feeling.

What were the outcomes for you in attending?  How have you acted on those? 

I had a much more deliberate plan of what to do instead of just wishing I could do something.  I began to make some steps in right direction.  I looked back at periods in my life that had been more satisfying; what I had left behind that I wanted to pick up again.  This was a significant step for me.  I was able to reclaim things and activities I had let go.  Initially I took some workshops and as a result then I began to think how I could incorporate what I was learning into my current work.

You are a member of our Encore Circles.  Why did you join?  (Encore Circles are monthly support groups of participants who have been through a 3rd Act Workshop) 

Being a member keeps me on track.  For me it is a way to keep checking in with other people.  The group helps me to stay motivated and keeps me moving forward on my plan.

Anything else you would like to say?

The 3rd Act workshop is a really good idea to bring people together who are going through same thing.  I believe we find out so much more when move beyond ourselves.  It is also a place where resources multiply and you get many new ideas.  It is very expansive.

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