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Journal Entry #3 by Barbara Beizer

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Work-life euphoria: Barbara’s euphoric consulting career

(This is the third installment of Barbara’s journal sharing her insights and experiences as she approaches retirement. To read the first installments, click here ).

I am consulting part time now.

Having left my corporate job of 20 years, I am loving, I mean wallowing in the joy of being on my own.  Liberated from performance reviews, freed from building “project decks”, and lifted out of the horrid drag of corporate stress, I am able to dedicate all my energy and whole self to clients and their opportunities and challenges.

When I left my company, I didn’t really know what would become of me.  How good could I be on my own?  Who would hire me?  For what?  I over-scheduled myself with activities – weekends away with friends, workshops, trips, anything so I wouldn’t wind up on my couch watching Oprah and Dr. Oz every day, eating bon-bons and not even knowing I was depressed.

My friends laughed at me.  Never, they said.  They know me so much better than I know myself.   My husband says I don’t know how NOT to work.

Some of my work is for my old company.  Being able to say yes or no, choosing only those projects I want to do for clients I love, is sheer heaven.

The rest of my work is for non-profits that have asked for my help – everything from talking on transition topics to strategic planning consulting.

I didn’t even have to start my own business.  I have no partners, no associates and no bottom line.  A vendor I know lets me do a pass-through arrangement for a mutually agreed upon percentage of my take.

Not that I don’t have colleagues – other professionals and friends who represent a wide range of disciplines – with whom I get together, work with and learn from.  They are indispensible to my success and well-being.

My fears of becoming a depressed couch-potato are only real to me, and I’m relieved to report, these have receded significantly.  Now I get to worry about syncing up calendars on my pc and i-phone (not easy), when to see my grandchildren and when to fit yoga into my life.

I hope this lasts!

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