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Motivation and Big Dreams by Bev Scott

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The Path to Success: Motivation and Steps Toward Big Dreams

I discovered for myself how easy it was to have big goals and dreams that I never act on.  Somehow, the motivation wasn’t there or I failed to outline the steps I needed to take to make it happen.  I recently had a conversation with one of my coaching clients who was feeling aimless and without direction, yet she could articulate her dream of what she wanted in her future.   And in conversation with others about this dilemma, I found them confessing the same inertia.  I am beginning to find what it is that will motivate me to move toward my goals.  I need to be really clear about my priorities…what is most important… Visualize my desired outcome, Divide the “project” into bite size pieces, Identify what are the beginning steps I need to take, and Ask for support.

I doubt if my solution works for everyone.  What has worked for you?  What do you find helps you get motivated and take the steps down the road toward your big dreams?


  • This is very interesting Bev, I have been stuck on my second book… the editing and rewriting needed, I kept avoiding. I was even hearing how studies of multitasking were proving that people were not effective in any of the endeavors, and that was clearly me… Then I remembered that I was high on organizing skills when I took the ID training, and was surprised to find that I was approaching my book all wrong, for me… kind of like an amorphous blog that I would just go in here or there and try to fix whatever. Once I sat down, and identified all the steps, and started doing them chapter by chapter… taking best practices from each one and making sure they show up in all of the chapters, it started moving along… but most of all I was calmer. I am still distracted by multi-tasking and the everyday intrusions that I had learned to live with, but slowly things are changing. …

  • Bev Scott says:

    Sharon, my process is similar. I totally procrastinate if something seems like a huge endeavor until I break it down into small steps. Then I can take each step at a time and feel as if I am making progress. So the update on my book is progressing in that fashion. Hooray!

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